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1998   Babcock & Brown Co., Ltd. (“BBCL”) is established for real estate investment and investment banking business in Japan as a 100%
    subsidiary of Babcock & Brown Inc. (USA). Focus on opportunistic co-investments with discrete private funds; asset by asset/portfolio
    by portfolio ‘club’ transactions mainly with high net worth/family office investors
2003   BBCL takes on a core/core-plus exclusive Japan sourcing and asset management mandate for a large European institution
2005   Babcock & Brown Japan Property Trust (“BJT”) lists on the ASX as the first REIT listed anywhere outside Japan investing in
    Japanese real estate
2009 April Management team acquires all outstanding stock of BBCL and BJT takes economic interest in BBCL
    BBCL becomes completely independent of Babcock & Brown
2009 July BBCL becomes Spring Investment Co., Ltd. (“SI”)
    BJT becomes Astro Japan Property Trust (“AJA”)
2010 March SI, in joint venture with leading Japan home builder Sekisui House, acquires 25% of the manager of TSE-listed REIT Joint Reit
    Investment Corporation (TSE: 8973) As of 29th of March 2017, our relationship was terminated.
2010 June Sekisui House SI Investment Corporation becomes the new name of Joint Reit
2014 June Sekisui House SI Residential Investment Corporation becomes the new name of Sekisui House SI Investment Corporation

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