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1. Purpose of this website
This website is prepared for the purpose of providing users with information related to the Company and its business, etc. The indication in this website, irrespective of the contents of the description thereof, is not to solicit application for the acquisition of any securities and other investments. When you finally decide an investment, etc., we would ask you to decide it by your own judgment.

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3. Disclaimer
(1) Information in this website may be amended without notice. Please be kindly noted that the Company may discontinue or terminate this website without notice. The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss whatsoever incurred by you arising from or in relation to any such amendment or deletion of the Contents or impossibility of this website.

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(4) Users of the information shall install, connect, implement and conduct other preparations, management and maintenance regarding computers, communications equipment, telephone lines, software and other equipment necessary for obtaining the information, doing so understanding that they are fully liable for their actions and expenses related thereto.

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